Kurt Gelbhaar


A local athlete who inspired many a Sudburian died doing one of the things he loved best…running. Kurt Gelbhaar collapsed at the Sudbury Arena. He was 78. Interment will be at the Civic Cemetery.

Kurt’s story is one of dedication to family, friends and sport. He was born in Saxon, Germany in 1923. He married Ursula Kothe in 1949 and the couple moved to Sudbury. He was a stope leader at Creighton Mine and retired from Inco in 1984 after 31 and a half years service. Kurt also became quite the soccer star during the 1950s. During an interview with Northern Life in 1999 Kurt said when he stopped playing soccer he just had to do something else. “I couldn’t sit down and say, well, my career is over,” read a quote in the article. He took up track at an age many men start to slow down and competed in various international events over the past 20 years. And his daily regimen was something to be admired. He told Northern Life he got up every morning at 6 am and went for a 10K run. That was reflected in the solid muscular tone of his athletic frame.

Kurt was selected Northern Life Athlete of the Week on numerous occasions and his list of competition victories was near endless. Among the highlights, a gold medal in 1999 at the World Championship Duathlon in Huntersville, North Carolina. He also won the gold in 1998 when the event was held in Germany.   Rick Pusiak-Northern Life     Photos courtesy George Aitkin

Kurt’s Athlete Profile – OMA Newsletter 1996

Kurt’s Canadian Track Records


M75    800m            3:09.76         Toronto ‘99

M70    1500m          5:41.78        Toronto ‘94

M75    1500m          6:12.0          Toronto ‘99

M70    3000m          12:23.57       Toronto ‘94

M75    3000m          13:27.10       Toronto ‘99

M65    5000m          20:19.4        Toronto ‘90


M75    1500m          5:55.91        Toronto ‘98

M65    Mile              5:45.7           Sudbury ‘89

M75    Mile              6:56.8          Sudbury ‘99

M70    5000m         20:47.86       Etobicoke ‘93

M75    5000m          22:23.90       Toronto ‘98

M70    10,000m        42:59.54      Etobicoke ‘93

M75    10,000m        46:20.43      Saskatoon ‘98

Kurt’s Canadian Road Records

M75    5K                22:08            Toronto ‘98

M75    5M               44:33  Hamilton ‘98

M75    10K              44:33                                  “      “

M75    15K               1:11:13         Waterdown ‘99

M75    20K              1:41:46         Ottawa ‘00

M75    Half Mara      1:41:46                              “       “

OMTFA Indoor Championships Meet Records

M75    800m            3:09.76         1999

M70    1500m          5:41.78         1994

M75    1500m          6:12.0                    1999

M70    3000m          12:17.03       1996

M75    3000m          13:27.10       1999

OMTFA Outdoor Championships Meet Records

M75    800m            3:01.21         Toronto ‘99

M70    1500m          5:43.71         Sudbury ‘93

M75    10,000m        47:33.98       Toronto ‘99   

1999 Gateshead WMA Championships

M75    800m      4th      2:56.75

          1500m      Gold   5:59.62

          5000m      4th     23:34.51

          10K X-C    Silver   48:54