Ontario Cross Country Champions Crowned

Warm but windy weather made for a great day in Guelph on November 13th for the Ontario Cross Country Championships. The Masters race went at 12:20pm.

Ontario Cross Country Champions;

W30 Ayesha Rollinson

M30 Patrick Boily – Timmins Porcupine

W35 Donna Mae Robins

M35 Paul Felix – Don’t Get Lost

W40 Christy Barber #491

M40 Nelson Ndereva – Toronto Olympic Club (#812 below L)

W45 Annie Bunting – University of Toronto Track Club

M45 Pat McDermott – Physi-Kult



W50 Lynda de Boer – University of Toronto Track Club

M50 Chris Deighan – Newmarket Huskies

W55 Clara Northcott – Mississauga Track

M55 Greg Deyne – Timmins Porcupine

W60 Diane Marrow – Longboat Roadrunners

M60 Ken Hamilton – Newmarket Huskies

W65 Claire Prest – Longboat Roadrunners

M65 Tony Teddy – Longboat Roadrunners







M70 Keijo Taivassalo

M75 Ron Crichton – Etobicoke Track Club

Photos by Paul Osland

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